Google Maps begins to show railroad level crossings

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There are few times that we see news in Google applications that have not yet been presented. This is especially noticeable in services like Google Maps, which in Spain have an incredibly high usage share.

The latest innovation in this application is to show some users where the railroad level crossings in the event that a route that we have calculated crosses them.

New directions for level crossings in Google Maps

It has been on Reddit where some users have shared screenshots of the application in which a new icon of some roads appears in black with a yellow background. This icon appears at the intersection of the road that we are going to travel with train tracks.

Google Maps begins to show railroad level crossings

This type of warning was incorporated by Waze a few months ago and it seems that now Google is beginning to implement it in Google Maps.

In addition to the icon, a small window appears at the bottom that warns us that there may be certain delays.

It should be noted that for now they are appearing in the United States, where this type of crossings are very common and where it is very normal to stop because a train is passing. In addition, there are exceptionally long trains that take minutes to complete the entire crossing.

This function will surely become official in a few weeks, as today the arrival of the dark mode to the app has been made, which has been seen for a while.

The entry Google Maps begins to show railroad level crossings appears first in The Free Android.