Google Maps becomes a social network and is better than it seems

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Few map applications available in Spain have the caliber of Google Maps. The Google Maps application has gone from being a simple GPS driving application. Thanks to its information on all types of travel (including public transport) and information on local businesses, it has become an essential for almost any type of user.

What is the next step? Well, it seems to turn the map application into a social network. Not a social network like the typical ones that now go through your head (Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook) but a social network by its own definition.

Google Maps launches its own social network

One of the key aspects of Google Maps is in its platformLocal Guides, users who upload content to the Maps application. In this way, when we look at information about a restaurant, we can see photographs taken by users, in order to get an idea of ​​what the site we are going to visit is like. According to Google, these users make about 20 million contributions a day, and all this information can be used more efficiently than simply showing it in the places we search.

Google has launched a new window known as thecommunity feed. In it, you will see nearby information that has been published recently byLocal Guidestrusted, business and people we follow via the Follow button, located at each location. In addition to this button, in each publication we can see photographs, the comment of who made the publication, press the buttonI like and see where the place whose review we are seeing is located.

Google Maps becomes a social network and is better than it seems 1

This new feature is starting to roll out today for all Android and iOS users simultaneously. As usual, this type of massive updates usually reach our phones in a staggered way, so even if you run to Google Play and download the application, you may still have to wait a few hours or days.

Google Maps becomes a social network and is better than it seems 2

The Google Maps entry becomes a social network and is better than it seems, it appears first in The Free Android.