Google Lens will be included in the search bar of the Pixel Launcher

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Google search widget

The guys from Mountain View are beginning to give Google Lens a lot of importance and we will see this app even on Android 12. Now we know that the Lens icon has been incorporated into the search bar from the Pixel Launcher.

While at first at the time it was thought that it would be part of Android 12There is already a user who has found the widget like this on his Pixel mobile with Android 11 for the good, so it seems that it will not remain exclusively for a future Google mobile.

The Lens icon in the search bar

It should be clarified that we are citing that this Google Lens icon is in the widget’s search bar, which not the same when we open the Google app.

Google Lens on the Pixel Launcher

Of course, the new location of the Google Lens icon allows easier access to the whole experience of augmented reality of this app to which Google is giving more and more value.

We comment on it because it may be used in Android 12 when we go to the recent apps view and we can even use it as a screenshot translator. A great idea that other brands will surely adopt in their custom capes.

The funny thing about this time is not that it is the first time that this icon appears in that widget, but do it on a mobile with Android 11. So a sea of ​​possibilities opens up so that even other brands can incorporate it into Android 12 and not remain exclusively.

A position of the Google Lens icon in the search bar widget that allows access to the translation of a text in English without an Internet connection, capture text to pass it to a document in Word or even scan a QR code. An ideal location.

The entry Google Lens will be included in the search bar of the Pixel Launcher appears first in The Free Android.