Google keyboard emojis evolve: we don’t know whether to laugh or cry

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At the beginning of this year, Gboard, the Google keyboard, was updated with new personalized emojis, which we can also use in Spain. The reception to this function was not the best, but it seems that from Google they do not give up, since these emojis now evolve in the new version of the application.

The Google keyboard will allow you combine practically any of your emojis to create a new sticker. An idea with which they seek to be creative and with which they seek users to use their emojis and stickers. Will they get it this time?

The Google keyboard continues to bet on its emojis

Gboard new emojis

This new feature is not something that Google has announced, but rather has been seen by many users when using the keyboard. When trying to send multiple versions of the same emoji It is when this possibility of combining them has been discovered. Gboard then allows you to choose from a series of suggestions, to send that sticker to one of your contacts then. The combinations offered by the keyboard are many, each one more crazy.

This new feature can be used with a large number of emojis, as with those present in Emoji Kitchen, but it is possible that you will find someone with whom this option does not work. In case it is so, the Google keyboard will tell you that there is nothing to see, so this option does not work that emoji. At least two emojis are needed to create a combination, but you can add more.

Google keyboard new emojis

On paper is presented as a fun function, to be able to create the most crazy stickers, although some combinations do not make sense. Although for those who were tired of traditional emojis, being able to create new combinations may be just what they were looking for.

Gboard new emojis

To use this new function, you have to use the beta version with number 9.9.12 of the application, which can be downloaded both in the Play Store and in the form of APK. If you want to be able to use them in your conversations, download this version of the Google keyboard on your Android phone:

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