Google is integrating the recycle bin in Android 12

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Google is integrating the recycle bin in Android 12

A couple of days ago XDA Developers had access to an unreleased version of Android 12, from a preview not yet published and which came loaded with news. To reveal more news, they are analyzing the code of their files and have discovered a future feature that is highly demanded by users.

It seems that Android 12 will integrate a universal recycle bin to make it easier for users to recover mistakenly deleted files as desktop operating systems have allowed for decades.

The recycle bin

With Android 11, Google began to prepare the ground, launching a new API that allowed applications to delete files or send them to a hidden trash can that so far has hardly been squeezed out by developers or Google.

Since the end of last year, it is known that Google is integrating a recycle bin in your Files explorer, which would be available on mobiles with Android 11 or higher, but four months after its leak we have not had more news until now.

Android 11 12 Trash

Android’s much-desired recycle bin looks like it will be built into the next big update to your operating system. XDA has managed to enable a setting that activates the Paper bin in the storage settings Of the device.

{“videoId”: “x7zu2ab”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “How to RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS and VIDEOS from WHATSAPP Xataka Basics”}

This new section shows in a graph the storage occupied by the recycle bin, and currently if we click on this option it will ask us if we want to empty the bin.

Android 12 Recycle Bin

As it is a version still in development and not yet published or in a preview, the behavior of this option may change in its final version. It is not known if Google will allow managing the recycle bin from the storage settings or will work as a shortcut to the future Files Trash function, or to the mobile manufacturer’s recycle bin.

At the moment, in Android 11, the recycle bin is only available for multimedia files, that is, for photos, videos and audios. It is unknown if Android 12 will add other types of files.

Via | XDA-Developers

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Google is integrating the recycle bin in Android 12

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Google is integrating the recycle bin in Android 12 1

Google is integrating the recycle bin in Android 12 2