Google Home app reveals the fate of Android TV

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One of the mysteries that are giving more to talk about in recent weeks is the new generation of Chromecast, which we will meet in Spain on September 30. This new generation of Chromecast would be the greatest evolution of the Chromecast since its initial launch by having a control and a complete operating system based on Android TV.

The latest rumors indicate that this system would finally not be called Android TV, but Google TV, assuming a change that would end one of the most successful Android systems. The Google Home application has been updated and now there are many more references that do not bode well for Android TV.

Google Home is updated and references to Google TV appear and the end of Android TV?

The Google Home app is the center of Google’s smart ecosystem. From it we can configure and control any device, from our smart bulbs to Google Home and Chromecast. As the launch of new devices approaches, the Google application is being updated to be ready from the official launch day.

Google Home app reveals the fate of Android TV 1Google Home.

Although there are still weeks left, within the application code there are already hidden references within the application, as shown by XDA Developers after having analyzed the code of the new version of Google Home. The references are text strings of messages that would appear as warnings when we go to check the privacy settings or link and unlink the device. These are the strings shown (translated into Spanish, the originals are in English).

  • Your services help personalize the Google TV experience and will be saved to your Google account.
  • Google TV uses your Google activity to improve your recommendations.
  • Google TV uses your activity from other products and services, such as Google search, to improve your recommendations. Your Google TV activity will also be used to improve your recommendations on other Google products. You can view and control the data shared between products by visiting You can hide personalized recommendations.
  • Google TV activates “Apps Only” mode from the Chromecast settings.
  • Deleting this home will not unlink your Google TV account. You will have to delete it from your Google TV or log out of
  • You can remove Google TV from this home or log out of
  • If you have a Google TV account, it will not be disconnected.
  • This device will be removed from this home and unlinked from your Google TV account. Deleting this device will not disconnect your Google TV account, if you have one.

Google Home app reveals the fate of Android TV 2

The appearance of all these references makes it very clear that Google’s interest is in converting our beloved Android TV into Google TV, as happened in the past with Android Wear when it was converted into Google Wear OS, a change they made under the pretext to send the market a message thatThey are not products for Android users, but for Google users, regardless of whether they have iPhone or any other mobile.

Ironically, Google TV was already an existing product that ended up dying and being replaced by Android TV (curious fact, this article from 2015 was my second article written in El Androide Libre). The twists and turns of life.

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