Google has a mess tremendous with this notification from the Play Store

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One of the characteristics that best define Google as a company is the dynamism when it comes to adding new features or changes in their applications. The Google Play Store is a great example of this as we receive news on a continuous basis.

One of the functions that more is changing in the last few months is the notification that indicates when an app is installing or updating. In the past few months, we saw as a notification that for some users it was very annoying, and that with the passing of the months it seems that is becoming to appear.

This notification from Google Play returns after being half-deleted

A decision of the strangest of the Google Play Store is the notification of the updated applications. This notification appeared each time an application is updated, and for many users began to be annoying. Google will put solution to hiding the notification to leave it as it was now, being only visible if you open the app drawer while the app was updating.

Google has a mess tremendous with this notification from the Play Store 1Source: Android Police.

The arrival of this novelty was a bit strange, because in the beginning it seemed like a bug or error, but a Google spokesman reached to confirm it was the expected behavior. A few months later, this notification is coming back. Specifically, the notification has appeared in the version 20.7.16-all [0] [PR] 317546459 of the Play Store, on a Pixel-3a with Android 11 beta.

On A personal level, when they changed the system of notifications of applications it seemed like a great idea, because it was annoying to have the notices of notification. However, with the passage of months I have noticed that I miss this notificationsince I have lost the awareness of when it is updated or not an application. I guess that as human beings, we are never happy with what we have and we want what we don’t have.

The input Google has a mess tremendous with this notification of the Play Store appears first in Android Free.