Google gives two months of Stay Pro to anyone who signs up

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Last year Google surprised all and sundry by launching a service an online video game that was called to compete, nothing more and nothing less than the industry giants, Sony and Microsoft.

After a few months of waiting the first users could begin to use Stay Pro, the first of the two services that came to Spain.

Still a while until the Stay Base, the free version for any user, is available, but Google has wanted to liven up the period of quarantine in 14 countries giving two months free Stay Pro any user that is registered on the platform. And if you already were a customer of the paid version, you’ll also get two months free.

Two months of Stay Pro for free

Google Stay

The promotion will be active within 48 hours on its web page, where we will have to register using a Chrome browser or compatible.

It is important to clarify that it is a subscription to a pay service that costs 9,99 € per month, but that will be free for the first two months. Obviously, when you are spending these eight weeks, we may terminate our account so that we do not charge if it is not has convinced us and we want to keep the subscription.

All about Google Stay, the new gaming platform: features, price...

Yes, due to the current situation that is putting the limit of telecommunications networks, Google has limited resolution FHD by default Stay Pro.

Later, we will have access to Stay Basethe free version of the platform with fewer features and a smaller catalog, but which will be free of payment. All indications are that inside of two months will begin to operate this version and those who don’t want to keep the paid subscription will be able to choose the free version to keep the service.

Nine free games

It currently has nine free games, although obviously we will be able to acquire more by paying for them. Among the titles included in the subscription of two months are GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection and Thumper.

Compatible devices

Google gives two months of Stay Pro to anyone who signs up 1

For play to Stay we need a computer with the Chrome browser built-in or one of the compatible mobile devices. At first they were only the pixel of Google, but currently there are more terminals on which we can install this application:

  • Google Pixel: 2, 2 XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4 and 4 XL.
  • Samsung:
    • Galaxy S: S8, S8+, S8 Active, S9, S9+, S10e Netbook, S10, S10+, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra.
    • Galaxy Note: Note 8, Note 9, Note 10 and Note 10+.
  • Razer Phone Razer Phone 2.
  • Asus ROG Phone and ROG Phone 2.

Despite all of this, there is a way to play on any Android phone, as I have explained to you.

Google gives two months of Stay Pro to anyone who signs up 2


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