Google freaks out and promises that the new Google Pay will “change your relationship with money”

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Among the options available to make mobile payments in Spain, few tools are as versatile and omnipresent as Google Pay. Although practically any bank allows us to pay with the mobile from its application, Google Pay gives us the possibility of carrying cards from different banks. And it appears that the company appears poised to take the next step.

Google Pay to announce a new Google Pay tomorrow

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Google warns us, in a few hours they will presentthe new Google Pay. This is a completely unusual announcement, since even in the most important updates of its applications, the company is limited to publishing the typical press releases or presenting them formally within larger events.

But announcing that tomorrow they will announce an event dedicated to Google Pay? And what promises to build a better relationship with our money?They are major words.

What if…

  • managing money was a little easier?
  • the objectives were more affordable?
  • dreams come sooner?

Based on the announcement of the presentation, what we can expect about the new Google Pay is that, beyond being a mobile payments application,the application ends up becoming a bank directly on your mobile. Responding to the questions, it is possible that said bank offers us tools to manage our money, as well as tools that help us save and establish budgets, as well as the possibility of requesting loans.

Google freaks out and promises that the new Google Pay will "change your relationship with money" 1

In accordance with all this, it is possible that with this announcement the Google credit card that was leaked last April materializes. This Google Pay card, in addition to the physical support, appeared next to captures that showed all kinds of possibilities.

Since that leak, months have passed, and although it is likely to be presented tomorrow, it is to be expected that we will know much more about this great foray of Google into the world of personal banking, a foray that could take time to reach Spain since, as Google itself indicates, it will be available first in the United States.

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