Google Flight, when big-G became a tour operator

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The flight search system implemented by the Mountain View giant also lands in Italy, still with some gaps such as the lack of low-cost options.

But how many things does Google do? Many is the most obvious answer, and in Mountain View they always think you know little and then comes another feature from the world’s most popular search engine: ‘Google | Flight search ”.

The specific version for Italy has been available for a few days but it has been available for some time first in the USA, then in England and later in other European countries. For this reason, Google has decided to give life to a new way of integrating its search capabilities on the web with a specific flight search service.

The service allows you to search for flights departing from airports in five countries (Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, France and Spain) to any destination in the world and integrates new functions showing ticket costs in the currency of the country in question. It will be in the respective languages ​​with the exception of the Spanish portal to which Castilian Basque, Catalan and Galician have been added.

Google Flight acts as a kind of tour operator recommending the best time to travel on a specific route, the periods with the most convenient prices, then redirecting the user to the website of the airline of the flight without requiring any search fee. But not everything is perfect, in fact there areand the most widespread and well-known low-cost airlines in the countries in question, such as RyanAir or EasyJet, are not included in the search, But soon Google has promised that it will also try to reach agreements with these companies.