Google Fit update on Wear OS liquidates advanced workouts

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It seemed that Google had forgotten about Google Fit, but at the beginning of this month a redesign of the application was launched on Android and Wear OS, which has also reached Spain. The update has been rolling out these weeks, with positive feedback so far, thanks to that design and an improvement in sleep measurement.

This update can help Google Fit gain momentum and get closer to other rival apps on the market. Although many users have noticed that a key feature is missing from the Wear OS version of the app since this update was released and it is not liking much.

Google Fit eliminates weight training

Google Fit Wear OS weight training

Following the release of this update, Google Fit on Wear OS no longer has the ability to track individual repeats in strength training (weight exercises), nor the ability to time rest periods. Tapping on the strength training option now appears to only track heart activity, with no specialized functions.

Removing this feature is not something I liked, as this was one of the few features that made it unique on Wear OS. Although this function was not perfect, since many people found it not very intuitive to use, and on many occasions they had problems registering the repetitions well, it was something that differentiated the app. So its removal is a misstep by Google.

If you want to use this function, there are currently two options. Either return to some version of the app, which is a somewhat expensive job or you can use a second method in Wear OS. Since on the clock face it is possible to add an access for Google Fit training. When setting up the app for strength training, the old design will be used for automatic measurement, allowing you to have it again.

For now, it is not known why this function has been removed from Google Fit, nor is it known if it will return to the application in Wear OS shortly. We hope that Google will clarify more about this soon, as it was a feature that had a large following.

Google Fit update on Wear OS liquidates advanced workouts 1

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