Google Fit improves to the beast and completely changes Wear OS

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Google Fit is an application that many Android users in Spain use. The Google app is in charge of keeping track of physical activity of the user, counting the steps they take, the distance traveled, minutes of activity, as well as calories burned. In addition, it can be synchronized with other apps to have more information about the activity.

Google doesn’t update this app very often, but finally they leave us now with a new version of it. This new version of Google Fit introduces a renewed home screen and improvements in the sleep or training record.

Google Fit is updated

Google Fit new home screen

The new home page in Google Fit will allow users have access to more information in it. In addition to the usual data (steps, minutes of movement, distance …) you will be able to see a summary of your statistics, to have control over them, as well as to be able to see if you are meeting the objectives that you have set for yourself daily or weekly in the application. To see this information you will only have to go down on that home page.

Sleep measurement has been improved too. This is a function that came to the app last year, but that improves its performance. The application still does not have its own sleep record or measurement, but now it will show information from third-party apps or devices such as bracelets or watches, on its home screen. This information will be more accessible this way.

Another improvement is the registration of workouts in the application, something that also reaches Google Fit in Wear OS, in the Workouts tile (which is a novelty in Wear OS). Shortcuts are introduced that allow you record your most recent or regular workouts quickly. In addition, during the training itself the statistics will be displayed on the screen. If you have entered goals in them, notifications will be issued when you meet them.

Google Fit Wear OS

These news in Google Fit will be launched in the coming days, as Google has said. So if you use the app on Android, try to have its most recent version installed and these days you will be able to enjoy this new interface and improvements in it.

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