Google Duo will also stop working on uncertified mobiles

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This week it was known that the app Google messages will stop working on some mobiles, in those not certified, something that would affect users in Spain as well. It seems that Google has gotten serious about this matter, because this will not be the only app that stops working on uncertified mobiles. Google Duo will also suffer the same fate.

Google Duo, the company’s calling and video calling application, is the next one that will not work on uncertified mobiles. If your phone is not certified, you will not be able to use this application in the same. It has been seen in the latest APK of the application.

Google Duo will not work on some mobiles

Google Duo

In order to use Google services and applications, mobile manufacturers must certify their phones. These certifications check if the device meets the requirements established by Google itself. Those mobiles that arrive without Google services, such as Huawei, appear uncertified. This also happens when a ROM is installed on the phone.

Until now, having an uncertified mobile was not something that had repercussions, with few exceptions. Google gets serious about this issue, since two of its applications will stop working on March 31 on those phones. After your Messages application, Google Duo will also stop working on those devices.

There will be time for users who use Google Duo on an uncertified mobile can download their calls and clips before deleting the record and preventing further use of your account. Google has not said anything officially, the fact that the app will not work on these uncertified devices has been seen in its code.

What would not be surprising is if this decision to make the application not work on uncertified mobiles spread to more Google apps. It may be that in the coming days or weeks more applications will be added to this list, following in the footsteps of Google Duo and Messages.

The Google Duo entry will also stop working on uncertified mobiles, it appears first in The Free Android.