Google Duo and Meet are updated with new functions: share screen, more members, blur the background …

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The first months of 2020 have been vital for video calls, since due to the current situation in Spain and the rest of the world they had become the only way to keep in touch, face to face, with our friends, family or colleagues. job. Google Meet and Duo are two good examples of apps that have grown a lot.

Although the months of exponential growth have passed, video calls have proven that they are here to stay, and over the next few months we will see several new features in applications such as Zoom, Google Duo, WhatsApp, Telegram (which has had video calls for a little while) or Google Meet . Both of Google are being updated with new improvements.

Google Meet and Duo get better in the latest update

Although rumors suggested that Google would focus its efforts on Google Meet and merge both applications into one, weeks pass and both applications continue to receive independent improvements. This has happened in the last hours, that both applications have begun to be updated with new improvements, including some that had disappeared.

Google Meet, being the professional application, is the one that usually receives juicier improvements. This time around, the feature that has started to roll out is one that will slightly help our privacy at home. It is about the blur for the background of the recording, a tool that Google indicated would arrive in October and that has been advanced a few weeks. This feature is coming to the web version for computers first, and will be updated for mobile soon.

Another novelty is group video calls, which can show us 49 people at the same time, available only in the web version.

As for Google Duo, we can share our screen again in video calls, an extremely useful tool when it comes to explaining how to do something on the mobile or when we want to show an image, video or web that is available on the screen of our mobile .

The Google Duo and Meet entry are updated with new functions: screen sharing, more members, blur the background … it appears first in The Free Android.