Google down worldwide, problems with Youtube and Gmail: what’s going on

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Google and its services are offline. Gmail, YouTube, and the search engine itself have crashed, and reports of inefficiencies are multiplying everywhere.

Google services have been down for about an hour this morning, Monday December 14, 2020. Reports have come in from around the world, from Gmail to YouTube, via Google Docs and others. In addition to the video platform and the email platform, Google Drive and G Suite, which are fundamental tools for distance learning, do not work either.

Google down, the costs are happening

A malfunction has affected Google’s servers on a global scale. The place logged tens of thousands of reports for the browser, Gmail email, Google Meet video chat, and Google Classroom, as well as Google Drive and YouTube.


There are many reports from Europe, also due to the time zone, but there are also reports from the US and Asia. Numerous reports from the UK and the Netherlands. In France, the problems seem to be mainly localized in the Paris area, while in Italy the reports come from Milan, Rome and Naples.


Google: “Services back online”

After about an hour from the start of the reports, Google began to restore its services, affected by a malfunction on a global scale after 12:30 Italian time. About him ‘Board‘, the control panel that Google makes available and that reports on the operational status of the services offered by the company, we read that each service “has already been restored for some users and we expect a resolution shortly for the rest of the users.” The message is from approximately 1:30 pm and follows the one posted at 12:55 pm, in which Google claims to be aware of a “problem that affects the majority of users.” In a new message that arrived at 2 pm, the search engine reassured all users: “The services are back online.”

Google down, Twitter posts

There are also several messages left by users on Twitter with hashtags. #googledown. Many of these are ironic and refer to another dire event in 2020.


That. To go.

– 11h59 (@sindivanzyl) December 14, 2020

Googling why Google doesn’t work *

Google:#GoogleDown #YouTubeDOWN

– Raghav Patidar (@ im_raghav96) December 14, 2020

Came the day. When you can’t even Google what happened to Google.

It is still 2020.#googledown #YouTubeDOWN #googlemeetdown #YouTubeDOWN

– Wali (@ Wali76476450) December 14, 2020

Hello 2020, are you going down?
The day has come when you can’t even @Google

what happened with @Google!
It’s # 2020 and nothing is normal this year.#googledown

– Sanjana Bhate (@SanjanaBhate) December 14, 2020