Google Discover will not be in updates to Samsung’s One UI 3.1

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In recent years we have seen how the war between Samsung and Google was calming down as they faced each other less and each one occupied a different space.

This even led to an agreement that mobiles launched with Samsung’s latest interface, One UI 3.1, would include both Google Discover and the Google Messages app. Although there is a problem.

The update to One UI 3.1 is not the same as the version One UI 3.1 that comes from the factory

Google Discover will not be in updates to Samsung's One UI 3.1

When we announced that Google and Samsung were going to collaborate by including the second the two services mentioned in the first in One UI 3.1, we did not expect that to be only in the new phones that were launched as standard with One UI 3.1.

The terminals that are now updating to the new version of the Samsung interface, as we told you this morning, have neither Google Discover nor the Google Messages app.

This does not mean that in the future we will not see a new update of One UI 3.1 and that these two services are activated in it, but there is nothing to indicate it. We have contacted Samsung Spain to have the official position of the company.

At the moment, it seems that the models that go from One UI 3 to One UI 3.1 will continue with Samsung Free as the only option to have a news feed on desktops, at least if we want to use the serial launcher.

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The Google Discover entry will not be in updates to Samsung’s One UI 3.1 appears first in The Free Android.