Google Discover is updated with two very useful shortcuts

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Google Discover is updated with two very useful shortcuts

Slowly but surely, Google Discover has become one of the most popular Google apps in Spain, at least if we discount the giants like the search engine or YouTube.

The reason is that it is easy to access, it is automatically configured according to your tastes, and we do not have to do more than a gesture or a click to use it.

New shortcuts in Google Discover

Normally the novelties of this application are related to the functions that the news cards have, or to the aesthetics of the same.

However, this time we have seen two additions to the interface that give the app more functions. They are just shortcuts, but they are very practical.

New shortcuts in Google Discover

The first appears in the upper left corner and gives us the weather in a simplified way, with an icon that tells us if it is sunny, raining or cloudy and a text that indicates the current temperature in our location. If we want more information we simply have to click on it and it will take us to the Google weather interface.

The second access is in the finder bar, and it takes us to Google Lens, specifically to the application’s image search engine. In this way we can search for something with the camera not only by typing in the bar that we had until now. Once there we can move around the interface in case we want to translate something, scan text …

There are users who only see one of the two functions, probably because Google is doing tests. If it does not appear on the side of the desktops, where Google Discover is, try clicking on the G of the search widget.

Google Discover is updated with two very useful shortcuts 1

As you can see, two extremely simple but equally useful additions that have begun to be seen in many profiles, although it may take us a while to see them in all since Google usually updates its apps in waves.

The Google Discover entry is updated with two very useful shortcuts that appear first in The Free Android.