Google Discover changes the way you indicate what you like

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Google Discover is the news feed that many Android phones they have in Spain. Thanks to it, you can have access to news on topics and media that interest you directly on your phone. These months, Google has been introducing new functions in this section, such as stories, as well as paid news for free, although the latter function is not available in Spain.

For what Google Discover shows you content that is of interest to you There are several ways to do it, as we already told you. Google is now committed to simplifying this process, since they introduce a new method to show that content is of interest to you: a heart-shaped button.

This is the new system in Google Discover

Google Discover heart button

This new change in Google Discover is already beginning to show for more and more users, although the rollout is still underway, so if it doesn’t come out yet, it’s a matter of time. At the bottom of a news item you will see now the icon of a heart, which is the way in which you will be able to indicate if you like or are interested in this news. It works in the same way as the heart button on social networks like Instagram or Twitter.

Although it works like the like button in some social networks, it is not really known what happens when pressing the same. It has not been mentioned if then they will be able to see those articles again or if this is a method for Google Discover to know what content is of interest to you, so that they will show you more content of this type. Although taking into account that this button is taking the place of the previous method of indicating that something is of interest to you, it seems that it will be the second option.

This new button is beginning to be deployed among users. This weekend is when it has begun to show in a more general way among users on Android. So if you have a phone where you use Discover, you may already get, or be close to, this new button.

The Google Discover entry changes the way you indicate what you like appears first in The Free Android.