Google deletes 100,000 reviews of the RobinHood app in the Play Store

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The last hours are being convulsive in the financial markets due to the coordination of movements that have taken place on Reddit to penalize investment funds that were betting short against certain companies.

If you don’t know what happened, we recommend that you read any of the articles that explain it. Or any Twitter thread.

What concerns us is related to this movement and is that one of the largest applications for stock trading that we can use on Android, RobinHood, has been valued very negatively in recent hours. Justly.

What happened to receive so many negative reviews

Many of the Reddit users were coordinating the buy and sell actions related to short positions using apps like RobinHood. The problem is that there came a time when the application prevented from continuing to buy shares in those companies. They could only be sold.

This is an interference in the possibility of operating that we have with our money.

The firm hid behind the high volatility of the market (obviously, it was just what these users wanted to provoke) to deny the purchase without further explanation.

This caused thousands of users to go to the Google Play Store to rate the quality of the RobinHood app with a star. Nothing less than 100,000 negative ratings in a few hours.

Google comes to the rescue by RobinHood

Google deletes 100,000 reviews of the RobinHood app in the Play Store

Assessment before and after the Google intervention

The surprise was not that, but to see how Google decided to remove those ratings from the file of this app. The reasons for the elimination of these valuations have not been explained, since there are many users who were not happy with the idea that the app they use to buy and sell shares prohibits them from buying certain titles.

The elimination of massive ratings is common when it comes to scams or deception attempts but this does not seem to be the case since users have a very real reason to put the lowest possible rating on this app.

And it is not the first time that we see strange behavior with the Play Store ratings.

The entry Google deletes 100,000 reviews of the RobinHood app in the Play Store appears first in The Free Android.