Google creates a team that will monitor the most critical Android apps

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Android security

In the Google Play Store we find a large number of applications that handle sensitive data of the users. Think of apps such as COVID-19 tracking (COVID Radar in Spain), bank applications or others. A security breach in any of these applications can have serious consequences, both for the company behind the app, and for the users.

These applications that handle such sensitive data are the most critical on Android. They are also applications that we have installed on our phones, so Google seeks to improve their security. The company is preparing a team that will be in charge of controlling the most critical applications, to prevent them from suffering breaches in their security or privacy and thus said data is always protected.

Google will help improve security

Google Play Store

Google is still forming this team, whose objective will be to ensure that those applications that handle sensitive data of users are safe. This team is going to perform a similar task to independent security teams or the Google Play Security Rewards Program. Although their job would be to complement or perform additional analyzes, with which to determine that there are no failures in these applications.

Thanks to the program, it will be possible to identify security flaws in applications that normally are not part of rewards programs. Since many of the applications that handle confidential user data are usually not eligible for rewards and are usually limited to applications with more than 100 million downloads. In addition, this team will dedicate itself exclusively to these applications, thus improving their security.

Google creates a team that will monitor the most critical Android apps 1

Google seeks in this way to add a new layer of security in Android applications. Especially when we keep getting news of malware like Joker or other threats in the store. This new project has a very clear task, by targeting third-party Android apps on Google Play. They will work to identify vulnerabilities in them, as well as guide developers in correcting problems and improving security.

This team will be up and running very soon.

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