Google could bring ‘one-handed’ mode to Android 12

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Google could bring 'one-handed' mode to Android 12

While we wait for Google to launch the first preview of Android 12 we see how leaks of the next big update do not stop. After seeing your possible radical design change now we know that Google could natively bring Android a mode of accessibility which will be very familiar to most large diagonal mobile users.

Its about ‘one hand’ mode, a feature that for many years already implemented the customization layers of most manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola or Asus, but until now not a native android feature.

Use Android 12 with one hand

As reported XDA, Google is currently working on bringing the one hand mode natively to Android 12. This means that Pixels and other AOSP-based mobiles will not have to create their own implementation to add this feature.

The one hand mode It allows shrink screen of our mobile so that its interface instead of occupying the 6 inches of its physical screen virtually shows a screen of about 4 inches so that the mobile can be used comfortably with one hand.

One Hand Mode One-handed mode in Samsung One UI 2.5

Based on the leak, this feature is planned that can be configured from Settings> System> Gestures> One hand. Therefore, it seems that by making a gesture, one-handed mode can be activated or deactivated.

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It is unknown how the Android 12 one-handed mode will work. It is not known if we can resize the screen to our liking or it will offer us a couple of predefined sizes. This feature is expected to arrive with Android 12 Developer Preview, version that could in the remainder of the month.

Via | XDA-Developers

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Google could bring ‘one-handed’ mode to Android 12

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Google could bring 'one-handed' mode to Android 12 1

Google could bring 'one-handed' mode to Android 12 2