Google Chrome adds "check page", to preview links without fully opening them

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Google Chrome has added a small but useful change in its latest version: the possibility of preview where a web link leads, without having to open it in the same or another tab.

This new option is integrated into the increasingly crowded contextual menu that appears when you make a long tap on a link. Under the name Review page, the option open the link in an overlay window, which you can close at any time to continue where you were.

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Open a link without leaving the page

One of the advantages of the Internet is that you can jump from one page to another through links, without having to type each address manually. Nevertheless, sometimes you don’t know where a link leads Or, after pressing it, you end up with a lot of tabs open or lose sight of the initial information you were reading.

The latest version of Google Chrome has a solution for this: Review page. It works similar to definitions when you tap on a word in the browser, opening the link in an overlay panel, which you can minimize and maximize, as well as close at any time.

Review page2

It is, therefore, very useful if you are reading information about something and you need additional context available in a link, but you don’t want to leave the current page. When you press “Review page”, that page is shown to you in a floating panel that, when you finish reading, you can close and calmly continue where you were. It is somewhat faster and less messy than opening the link in a new tab.

To use this feature, you just have to make a long touch on any link on a web page and choose Review page on the menu. In the overlay panel, the web icon, the headline, the domain and two buttons are displayed: one to close the panel and the other to open it normally, in its own tab.


This last button, the one to open maximized, opens the page you are reviewing in a new tab, but automatically groups it with the previous one. That is, both the original and the “revised” page appear grouped, unless you deactivate it.

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Google Chrome adds “check page”, to preview links without opening them completely

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Google Chrome adds "check page", to preview links without fully opening them 1

Google Chrome adds "check page", to preview links without fully opening them 2