Google changes the connection interface with more than 100 headphones on Android

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Fast pair

At the end of last year the new Android Fast Pair interface was launched, which reached some users in Spain. A few weeks ago this interface continued its expansion, reaching new accessories, including the Fitbit. Google already announces the launch of this new interface in a general way and its compatibility with more devices.

The new Fast Pair interface seeks to make connect headphones to your smartphone Android is something simpler and faster. The detection of the headphones or other devices becomes automatic, helping to increase the speed. This system is already compatible with more than 100 headphones.

New Fast Pair interface reaches more devices

Fast Pair new interface

Fast Pair is closer to automatic detection of AirPods on Apple iPhones. In the case of Google’s new feature, detection is already carried out with a huge number of Bluetooth headsets on the market. Already more than 100 different headphones are supported With this function currently, not only the Pixel Buds, but headphones like the OnePlus Buds are also compatible.

The new interface began its deployment at the end of the year, at that time in a limited way. Now more Bluetooth devices, such as TWS headphones, will be able to connect to an Android phone using this new system. Major headphone brands are already supported, so millions of users can benefit from it.

If you want to check if your headphones have compatibility with this renewed Fast Pair, you just have to start its pairing with your Android phone. If they are compatible, the connection message, like the one seen in the image above, should then be displayed. This will allow a very fast connection to your phone and you can start using them.

You don’t have to install anything to be able to enjoy Fast Pair with your headphones. This function is part of Google services, so it is already standard on your smartphone. This new interface should already be available to most users on the operating system.

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