Google camera updates and makes it easier to record videos

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The Google Camera App It is one of the most popular among users in Spain. Recently this application updated its design and began to be launched among more phones. A new version of the application is already officially launched and in it we find a change when recording videos.

Version 8.2 of the Google Camera app It is starting to launch already in the Play Store. This new version of it seeks to make the recording of a video faster, with a new way to activate that video mode in it.

Google Camera makes it easy to record videos

Until now, when we wanted to record a video in the app, we had to go from camera mode to video mode, and then press to start with said recording. In version 8.2 of the application This process becomes faster, allowing you to start recording a video as soon as possible.

Google Camera allows you to start recording by performing a long press on the shutter button. This simple gesture, inspired by applications such as Instagram or Snapchat, will help make recording faster and easier, ideal if you want to quickly record something from your Android phone.

Also, after you have performed such a long touch and started recording, you can click on the padlock icon. This will eliminate the need to hold down the shutter button while recording. When you have finished recording you will only have to press the shutter button to stop it, in the same way as before. The process is more comfortable this way.

The new way to record videos on the Google camera is released in version 8.2 of the application. The deployment of this version on Google Play has already started, although it may still take a while to be available to all users of the application. For those who don’t want to wait, it can also be downloaded from APKMirror.

Google camera updates and makes it easier to record videos 1

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