Google camera improves skin tones of dark people

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During the press conference of Google I / O, the famous developer conference that takes place once a year on their domains, announced the long-awaited news by many. In addition to the changes that will apply to your other applications such as Google maps, the Mountain View company assured that they are working on new improvements to their own camera application, committing to show more precisely and sharply the photographs of people of color.

A “guide” to improving skin tone

As the representative of the Californian company announced, the objective to achieve this is through the creation of a “Guide to skin color”. Based on it, the developers have been able to reduce the natural light in photos and bring out brown tones more naturally, preventing the image from being displayed excessively light and reducing fading of darker skin tones.

Google entrusted this enhancement to a dozen photographers and other industry experts to make Google Camera a more accurate tool for dark-skinned people. For this, this group of experts took thousands of images of people with different skin tones in order to improve the algorithms of the application, also emphasizing the precision of the auto white balance and the automatic exposure.

dark skin photos

On the other hand, the North American company is also working on improving the way in which its application shows the hair, especially in those who have hair curly Y curly. In some photos, Google Camera captures the hair in a blurry way, which makes the outline of the person not be seen correctly. This is because the camera algorithm has difficulty distinguishing the smallest hairs. However, this will take quite a bit longer than the above as there are countless different hair types and they also want to improve the shadow of people.

All these and other changes will come, first of all, to all your phones Pixel. The estimated date for these improvements is from next fall. However, Google also announced that all these features will be available for other devices as well.