Google Assistant will show your health data on smart screens

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Nest Hub Google Assistant

The Google assistant has incorporated a multitude of new functions in Spain in recent months, such as support for multiple accounts or the guest mode on screens and speakers. The new functions keep coming to the assistant, which now launches a new section in its settings called Wellness, which is being launched for some users.

This new section is designed so that the Google Assistant will be able to show your health data, from health and physical activity monitoring applications, directly on smart screens. This will allow you to have access to that data at all times.

Google assistant launches section

Google Assistant health data

This section of Wellness replaces the Sleep section in the Google Assistant settings. In this new section it integrates the user’s sleep data, thanks to its integration with Fitbit. In fact, although the amount of data that will be displayed in this section will be greater, at the moment it is only the sleep data that is displayed or can be associated.

The idea is that this new wellness section will collect a multitude of data. In it we can have access to data about sleep, exercise and nutrition that have been collected from fitness devices. That is, the data from your watch or activity bracelet can be seen in the assistant, on a smart screen.

This data will be displayed “proactively” on compatible devices such as smart displays of the Google Assistant. Currently the current Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max and the Lenovo Smart Clock are already shown as options that are compatible with this new function to display that data.

This new section hints at a deeper integration with Fitbit and maybe also with Google Fit, although at the moment none of them are active yet. The new section in the Google Assistant is already launched for some users, but it will take a few weeks to be available to all.

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