Google Assistant launches guest mode on smart speakers and displays

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Google Nest

Users in Spain who wish to do so have, for two years, the possibility of use the Google Assistant without an account, with guest mode or incognito mode. Google now launches this mode to more devices, this time within the home. Users with smart speakers and displays with this wizard will be able to use this proven mode.

The feature is introduced as a new Google tool to improve the privacy of users. In this way, users who have a speaker or smart screen with the Google Assistant, will be able to use this private or guest mode in it.

Use the Google Assistant with more privacy

Google Assistant guest mode

The Google Nest speaker range Now launch a voice command that will allow you to deactivate the search history, even possible to delete it with your voice. When using a speaker with the Google Assistant, everything we do is recorded in a search history. When the guest mode is used on the speaker in question, this history will not be active at any time.

The command is launched at the moment in English “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode”. By having this guest mode activated on the speaker, our activity history will no longer be saved. We will be able to continue asking questions normally and taking the same actions that we normally do. The only difference is that it does not save data, in addition, in calendar or contacts it will not show personal results.

Your speaker or screen will play a special ringtone when guest mode is activated, so you know it’s active. In addition, you can ask the Google Assistant if this mode is active, to be sure. Until we deactivate that guest mode, no data will be saved. If you want to use the wizard with custom responses, then you have to disable guest mode. A sound will be emitted to confirm that you have returned to normal mode.

This new feature is launched now for users using the wizard in English. It is available for devices in the Google Nest family, but is expected to reach more devices in the coming months, in addition to reaching more languages.

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