Google Assistant is not responding-How to fix it

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Table of Contents

Google Assistant is not responding-How to fix it 1

Google Assistant has become an indispensable part in the Android phones. Thanks to the wizard we can use our phone in a more comfortable way in many situations, it even works with WhatsApp, in addition to be able to get a lot of party to the same. Although as it occurs with other applications or services on a telephone, there are occasions when that does not work, not responding or has stopped working.

What can we do in these occasions? There are a number of solutions that we can test in Android, we usually do that Google Assistant to function normally again and we can continue using the wizard on the phone as was the case until then.

Force her to close and open it again

If the problem is that the application does not respond, we can try to do the same thing that we do with other applications in Android: forcing its closure and then opening it again. This is something that we know works with many apps on Android and that we can also do with Google Assistant, to go to function normally again.

In this case you will have to do with the application of Google, or you can open the wizard on the phone (tap and hold on the Home button and then deploys the application on the screen). To close it then and to force to be run again from scratch, to see if it will work well.

Restart the phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

Another of the most common solutionsbut that work best on the phone, which puts an end to any failure that has arisen in the applications or processes you have in place in the device at that time, as that the Google Assistant will not work or not respond. Press and hold the button to shut the phone down and you choose then the option to restart.

Waiting has started again and test then to use Google Assistantusing the command “OK, Google” to do this, as we use routinely. It is normal that when we have done this the wizard go to work normally and because we can use it again.

Have you turned off or disabled Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is not responding-How to fix it 2

If Google Assistant has stopped working suddenly, it is possible that there’s a problem with your configuration. It might happen that you have turned off or disabled the wizard on the phone by mistake, which is what prevents it to work. For this reason, it is important to check whether it is enabled or in operation, because it could be that you have disabled and it doesn’t work then. We can see this in the app from Google, with these steps:

  1. Open the application of Google.
  2. Tap More.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Enters the section of Google Assistant or Wizard.
  5. Checks to see if it is enabled.
  6. Activates the command “OK, Google” in the event that you are not.
  7. Salt of this section.
  8. Calls the wizard again, with normal.

Don’t recognize your voice?

Google Assistant is not responding-How to fix it 3

The problem with which you are is that the Google Assistant will not recognize your voice. This happens if the wizard has desconfigurado on the phone, so we have to train it again, to go to recognize this voice as normal. To do this we have to use the Google application where there is a section to re-register the so-called model of voice, so that it goes to be able to recognize us again. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open the application of Google.
  2. Tap More.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Enters the section of the Wizard.
  5. Down to the section of phone.
  6. Click in that paragraph.
  7. Go-to-Speech or Voice Match.
  8. Enters Voice Model.
  9. Tap Return to create a voice model.
  10. Register again your voice.
  11. Salt of this section.
  12. Running the new Google Assistant on your phone.

It is possible that in some cases you have to first delete the voice model existingin order to avoid problems and because the model does not serve already. Once removed the old one, you can record or create a new model of voice on the phone, which is the one that make Google Assistant is going to work then.

Are there any problems with the microphone of your phone?

Could it be that the problem does not reside in the Google Assistant, but that is a fault in the phone itself, as in the microphone of the same. A fault in the microphone, which prevents the phone, or the attendee will be able to function properly. For this reason, it is good to check if the microphone works correctly, since that could be what causes the wizard to not work in the phone as normal.

If you’ve noticed problems with the microphoneas it can be at the time of making calls, it could be related to this problem, which prevents you from calling the wizard and make it open normally. When you’ve made some checks, if it is determined that the problem is the microphone, which could be broken, you may have to bring the phone to repair.

Do you use other wizards?

Virtual assistants

In Android you can not only use Google Assistant, there are other available wizards as Bixby and Alexa. Therefore, it is possible that you have any of these other attendees enabled on your phone, especially if you’re using a Samsung device you might find yourself with this problem, since they would be interfering in the smooth performance of the wizard of Google.

If this is your case, if you have another wizard besides Google, try turning off the otherto see if when you do this Google Assistant works correctly or not. There are users who have suffered this type of failure in Android by having two assistants installed, but when it is only one, everything goes back to function properly.

Problem with the Google application Assistant

Google Assistant is not responding-How to fix it 4

It could be that the problem resides in the application itself. Either because it needs an update or just because a new version of the same has been installed on the phone and are emerging problems. Checks to see if there is a update of Google Assistant is available for your phone, which could be the solution to this bug in the same.

If you just update the application when these problems have started, try to go back to a previous version of the same. Many times arise failures in a new updateeither the application or the operating system, which cause the operation of the same is altered and faults. This process is not complex and you can solve this type of problems.

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