Google Assistant ends the waiting on calls with its new function

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This week the new Google Assistant in Spanish has been made official, where we can see an improvement of the assistant, which users in Spain will be able to enjoy. Google continues to work on new features for your assistant, with which to increase your presence on our Android phones. Their new feature will help when they put us on hold on a call.

A situation we all know is having to be on hold during a call, as when we call the technical service of our operator and we have to wait. This is not pleasant, especially if that wait is long. So the new Google Assistant feature seeks to change this.

Google Assistant will wait for you

Google Assistant calls waiting

Wait for me is how this function is baptized in the United States, the first country where it was launched. This function seeks to be Google Assistant who waits in our place when we have been put on hold on a call. Thus, when that customer service leaves us on hold and the on-hold music starts to play, it will be the assistant who will be waiting for us.

Once the person on the other end of the line is available, we will be informed of this. A message will be sent and we will be able to return to the conversation by pressing a button. So this function seeks to avoid having to wait too long for the other person to attend to us. We forget about waiting in this way thanks to the wizard.

Google Assistant has the ability to differentiate between real voice and people in recordings, so you will know perfectly when the other person who is attending us returns. So you will know when they put us on hold, as well as when they are back.

Google Assistant calls waiting

This function It is launched at the moment in the Google Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G,presented yesterday, in the United States. No data has been released for now on the launch of this feature in other countries. So we will have to wait for more news from Google in this regard, which only says will be deployed in the coming months.

The Google Assistant entry puts an end to waiting on calls with its new feature appearing first in The Free Android.