Google Assistant Driving Mode: Is It Available On Android?

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This is not news in itself, as Google announced in November an advance preview of the driving mode for the assistant in the US The truth is that it has been officially “rolled out” since the end of last year, but most of users have not received it yet, or at least that is what they have transmitted.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Driving mode differences with Android Auto

Now it seems that the launch of the Google Assistant driving mode would be just around the corner, and it is that both the Google application and Google Maps are already adapting to the new view adapted to be used while driving.

With the intention of replace Android Auto app on phones, the preview of the driving mode available from this week resides on Google Maps. The browsing experience has not changed from before, but there is now a dark gray bar at the bottom of the screen.

driving mode google assistant interface

A microphone icon leftwhile touching the other side opens a launcher. In that pop-up screen, the last used application will appear in the center of it. Also, it is usually occupied by an audio application or the Maps icon when we are not actively seeing the navigation.

That new application drawer will allow us make calls, send messages or quickly select the music app or service that we want to use while driving. When making a call or sending a message, it will show us the most frequent and recent contacts.

Check if the Google Assistant driving mode is already available

Over the past few weeks, some Android users have received driving mode on them, though many others affirm that no news has reached them. However, the Android Twitter accounts and Google Maps reiterated that the tool is being implemented progressively, but it is coming.

driving mode google maps

To check if it is available on your phone, visit Google Assistant settings> Getting around> Driving mode. If so, there are two ways to start it. The first is to press “Start” when viewing a place on Google Maps, while the second involves saying, “Hello Google, please start driving mode” and then selecting a destination. After that, the dark gray bar should appear at the bottom of the screen. Conversely, if the setting page for driving mode does not appear, not available yet for your terminal.