Google and Samsung would be preparing the mobile processor final

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Google and Samsung would be preparing the mobile processor final 1

The Google Pixel are, year after year, the best mobile to an enthusiastic Android can aspire. While at the hardware level are far from perfect, Google does such a good software that is able to get a photographic experience of first level, in addition to maintaining a great consistency in performance and updates.

However, Google knows that if you want to create the best smartphone there is still much work to be done. The biggest challenge that Google has between the hands is to create a mobile experience at the level of the iPhone but in Android. Create your own processor might be the next step, and to do this would be one of the best partners they could have.

Samsung and Google could create the mobile processor final

This week the Exynos chip from Samsung have been covered in controversy due to the requests of thousands of users who claim that the Galaxy S20 with Snapdragon will have better performance than those that use Exynos processor. Although Samsung makes it clear that the difference between the two chips is not so high, if it is true that the division of processors in the giant south Korean is being questioned.

Samsung makes good processors and it has a great production team (not in vain, is the one who manufactures a large part of processors Snapdragon) and this high level as a manufacturer of processors would have been enough to draw the attention of Google.

New Samsung Exynos 9825, the processor of the Galaxy Note 10

As feature in Sammobile, Samsung would be designing a processor for Google very special. This chip would be manufactured in a manufacturing process of 5 nm (much better than 7 nm have today, the best processors), and leave aside the nuclei owners of Samsung to bet on a design of 8-core in that there would be 2 Cortex A78, 2 Cortex A76 and 4 Cortex A55 low consumption as well as the new ARM architecture for GPU called Mali MP20.

At the level of performance of this mobile processor features the latest standard technologies, but where will a step to the front would be in the two components, which Google already dominates. This processor would leave the ISP and the NPU of Samsung to integrate the designs of Google within the same chip. And this means that, even though the rest of components are standard, the Google Pixel may distinguish yourself from the competition. The reasons are:

  • ISP: known as the image-signal-processor, is the processor responsible for converting the signal captured by the camera. The better an ISP, a larger amount of information is able to extract the camera.
  • NPU: known as a unit of neural processing, this processor is in charge of the tasks of artificial intelligence, such as image processing or speech analysis.

This chip of Samsung custom for Google is not clear when it would arrive, but given the dates, it is expected that as a very soon to be available for the Google Pixel 5 to be submitted at the end of the year.

The entry of Google and Samsung would be preparing the mobile processor final is listed first on The Android Free.