Google and RTVE teach you to create your own audiovisual content

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Google Spain and RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) have announced today a collaboration agreement in which they will collaborate on various projects. A total of three projects, among which we find the internationalization of RTVE’s content and the integration of the Google Assistant in Operación Triunfo. In addition, they have developed a content creation training program.

Thanks to this training program, Google Spain and the RTVE Institute will help people who want to get started in content creation to take the first steps in this world, with video tutorials on YouTube. Thus, to know the most important aspects to create your own content.

Google and RTVE help you create content

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This project comes with the name “Audiovisual Creation, Learning from the best”, which already has its own channel on YouTube. This Google and RTVE training program is aimed both at people who want to start creating their own audiovisual content and at media professionals who want to expand their knowledge. So it will be helpful for various types of users.

Hosted at RTVE YouTube channel, East program is composed of different videos in which experts from the audiovisual ecosystem give advice to create their own content with the highest quality. These are tips on how to tell a story, how to be in front of the camera or how to create the right atmosphere. These tutorials will be offered by faces known asMónica López, Carlos Franganillo, Tínet Rubira or César Vallejo, Máximo Huerta or YouTubers asJaime Altozano and Natalia Machuca.

According to Google and RTVE, those responsible for these tutorials they are people with great experience in this field, so they will share their knowledge and experience in these videos, so that those taking their first steps in this world can learn. Some videos that stand out for being entertaining, approachable and educational, with useful tips. Also, being available on YouTube, everyone can follow their own pace.

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This project is one of the new projects of collaboration between Google and RTVE, but it is undoubtedly a good opportunity for all types of users who are thinking of creating their own audiovisual content. These tutorials will be a good guide to get you started.

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