Google and location privacy: apps that don’t follow the rules will be kicked out

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Many of the most popular applications in Spain make use of location permissions to determine where we are. While most applications manage to justify the need to know where we are, many others make questionable or fraudulent use of this permission, something that has been in the crosshairs of Google for years.

Android introduced an extra security mode that prevented the applications we chose from only being able to take our location when we were using them, saving us that the applications were spying in the background. In addition to these measures, Google is also getting strict on the app store.

The Google Play Store gets rigorous with the location in the background

Google is tightening the rules of its application store to improve the security of its own Android ecosystem. Despite the fact that what we can download externally is beyond their control, they can control that the applications that are in the Play Store meet more rigorous requirements.

The location in the background is one of the new requirements, and that is that from the next few months an application that reaches Google Play will not be able to access our location in the background unless it meets a series of requirements.

Google and location privacy: apps that don't follow the rules will be kicked out 1

What kind of information should applications that make use of the location provide? Well, initially Google has recommended these tips:

  • If your application has multiple features that use location in the background, choose those that are most beneficial to the user. Describe in detail why the location is necessary and how it will be used.
  • You should include a short video showing how users will find your disclosed information, the location-based feature and active in the app. If your video doesn’t show this or we can’t access the link, your request will not be approved.
  • Remember to add a breakdown within the application that explains to users what information will be used and how.
  • Make sure your privacy policy is clearly labeled and includes details on the use of location data.

Applications that make use of application permissions will count until January 18, 2021 to adapt to these criteria, while older applications that have been published before April 16, 2020 will have to adapt until March 29, 2021.

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