Goodbye to malware and adult content with the new DNS in Cloudfare: used in your Android

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Cloudflare has renewed its public DNS servers to go much beyond the improvements in speed of Internet connections: with the new DNS addresses you can protect your devices against malware and against unwanted access to adult content. The addresses are already available to all, you can also configure it in your mobile and Android tablets.

The DNS servers provided that you do not have to remember sequences of numbers, but it is not only important for that reason as can accelerate the own Internet connection. And increase the security of our smartphone, as is the case with the new directions ‘family’ of Cloudflare– the company has decided to complete their free and public services with two pairs of DNS addresses to prevent the malware and adult content. Are not yet in the well-known application, but you can add it also to your Android. We teach you how to.

How to configure the new DNS security

Cloudflare Dns Vpn

A DNS server is the machine that resolves the web addresses you enter in the browsers by converting these addresses with letters to IP addresses, numbers separated by dots that identify a machine within a network. It would be impossible that we could remember the numeric IP addresses of the web pages which we connect; hence, the DNS servers are so essential: they provide the shipping information to force to interconnect all of the devices. And the more fast and reliable are these servers a lot better, as is the case with Cloudflare.

The company has released publicly two pairs of DNS addresses that enhance the security of the private networks and connected devices to them. Are the following:

  • and, DNS addresses which avoid the malware. Once installed, protect the devices against the download of malicious software.
  • and, DNS addresses that block adult content, also the malware. The second pair of addresses ‘family’ points to the protection of minors as they block inappropriate content for children; in addition to include protection against malicious software.

To have active any of the pairs of DNS just add the addresses to the router from home: access to its configuration, enters in the section of DNS (usually found within the options area and change the come of series (or obtaining DNS automatically) by the two directions that most interest you. Once reincies the router all devices that connect to your WiFi network, in addition to the ethernet ports, will be protected by Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Dns Router Addresses DNS of Cloudflare configured on the router

The above is for the router and access point to the Internet, but you can also configure the DNS addresses to protect only your Android. The process is the following:

  • As the network settings are not the same on all phones, or have the same functions, to change the DNS addresses we will use an application: dnspipe. You just have to download it from Google Play.
  • The application starts and configures the DNS addresses with the pair of Clodflare you want:, and (protection against malicious software) or and (protection against malicious software and against adult content).
Cloudflare Dns Vpn dnspipe configured with the DNS addresses of Cloudflare
  • dnspipe acts as a VPN: once you have configured the application, and provided that the assets, all Internet traffic will pass the DNS addresses of Cloudflare that you have chosen; at the time that you get your benefits security: anti-malware or anti-malware programs with child protection.

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Goodbye to malware and adult content with the new DNS in Cloudfare: used in your Android

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Goodbye to malware and adult content with the new DNS in Cloudfare: used in your Android 1

Goodbye to malware and adult content with the new DNS in Cloudfare: used in your Android 2