Gmail makes it easy to copy and paste email addresses with its new menu

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Gmail for Android is the email application par excellence in Spain. These past months the application has been introducing some changes, such as adding vibration in its gestures. The Google application now leaves us with a new improvement, this time focused on improving productivity when using it.

Thanks to this new function, it is easier to copy the emails to which we are going to send an email in the app. Gmail launches a fast and efficient copy and paste way, which prevents us from suffering from clipboard problems on our Android phone.

Gmail makes it easy to copy and paste addresses

Gmail new menu copy

Until recently, if we wanted copy an email address in Gmail for Android, we had to do a long tap on that person’s name. When doing this, a dialog box was shown where you could see the email address and we had to press again to copy. The application makes this process simpler with its new menu.

Google introduces a new method to facilitate this process of copying and pasting addresses. With this change, instead of having to do a long touch to copy an address, the application allows you to do it by touching an email address. Doing this opens a contextual menu, where we can see the name, contact photo and two options: copy or remove. We will only have to click on copy so that it is copied to the clipboard.

An interesting aspect is that if there are several recipients for that email, in that menu the application shows us an option to copy all recipients, thus copying all the addresses to the clipboard. After doing that, you can copy or paste them into another application, for example.

This new function is beginning to be shown in Gmail for Android, in its version 2021.02.05.357775197, although not all users have access yet. It seems that Google is releasing it from servers, so you may have to wait yet to enjoy this change in the app.

Gmail makes it easy to copy and paste email addresses with its new menu 1

The Gmail entry makes it easy to copy and paste email addresses with your new menu appearing first in The Free Android.