Gmail for Android adds vibration to your control gestures

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Gmail for Android adds vibration to your control gestures 1

Gmail is the most popular email application in Spain. The application on Android introduced gestures long ago control, a function that allows you to use it in a more efficient way. These gestures allow you to delete an email from our tray or archive it, there is a gesture for each action. The Google app now improves these gestures.

Has been added a slight vibration when we use any of these gestures in Gmail for Android. This slight change serves to confirm that action that we have carried out with this gesture in the application. This way we will know that we have deleted or archived the email in question.

Gmail adds vibration to your gestures

Gmail gestures delete mail

Gestures to delete or archive an email in Gmail are very useful, allowing a really efficient use of the application on the phone. Until now there was no response from the phone when using any of these gestures, but this changes in the new version of the application, with number 2020.12.27.355085521.

In this new version of the Google application has introduced a slight vibration when we use these gestures. If we slide to the right or left, we will notice that small vibration on the device. It is a way of saying that the action is being performed, since when said vibration arises in the middle of the gesture, letting go will mean that said action is completed. When we are in the middle of the bar, this vibration will occur in the app.

It’s a slight change that many will hardly notice, but it helps improve the experience of using these gestures in the Gmail for Android application. In the new stable version of the Google mail application you can already experience this vibration, although it seems that it is not yet available for all phones. It can also be downloaded from APK Mirror, where this latest version of the app is now available.

Gmail for Android adds vibration to your control gestures 2

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