Give Twitter a personal touch: colors, backgrounds, an original bio …

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twitter logo on a screenshot of the home page

Options Twitter customization they are abundant. The name and the description are important, but it is also good to choose a good profile and cover photo, as well as colors according to the personality.

From our profile we can add a description that talks about us, and two photographs: the profile and the cover (shown at the top). We also have other customization possibilities for the application web and APP mobile.

The trend of brands of homogenize designs of its applications is indistinctly the web application, which we access through our browser, or the APP of our mobile devices or computers. That is why, with few exceptions, there are the same customization options on the web and in the official APPs.

Edit Twitter profile

Perhaps the profile photo itself and the header image are the first elements that connect with the users who enter our profile. It is the first thing we observe at a glance. These two images can contain text or logos, which is a good option to take advantage of and identify ourselves from that first moment.

We should not worry excessively if we are not satisfied with the appearance that we have given to our profile since all these parameters are configurable at any time, so everything can have a solution.


If we enter our profile by clicking on the circular photo we will find a button Edit profile at the bottom right of the header image. We must not confuse the user (begins with @ and must be unique) with the name (you can choose the one you want and it is more visible).


It is interesting to talk about the topics you like to talk about because it is very descriptive and other users can know in advance what content they will find. In any case, you are free to write what you want up to 160 characters.


The customization form gives you the option to add a link. Brands or influencers usually add the domain of their website or the link to a last publication (on the website itself or on other social networks). If we do not have our own personal website, the Instagram or Facebook profile for example is usually indicated.

edit menu name and description on twitter

Profile and header photographs

To modify the profile photo or the header image you must do so by pressing Edit profile also, because if you click directly on the images you will simply see them larger. For the profile photo, a size of 400 x 400 pixels and it should be square. The header image must have a dimension of 1500 x 500 pixels. The supported formats are JPG, PNG and GIF and the file should never exceed 2MB. It is important to note that these modifications are only possible from the web application or from the official Android and iOS APPs.

In order not to fall into monotony and choose an original and interesting profile photo or header, it is advisable to use the templates that Canva has for that purpose. Another option is to enter the link that Twitter proposes with a image gallery on Flickr expressly designed to be used as a header photo.


When we access the general configuration menu of Twitter by clicking on “…” we must look at Settings and privacy to access the section Accessibility, display and languages. In subsection Accessibility We will be able to edit some special parameters, destined to improve the experience for people with visual problems.

They are not overly “radical” changes, they are not aimed at people with severe vision problems, but they are help to better distinguish and understand the structure of each screen.

Contrast boost

Activating it we will be able to appreciate a more intense color in the texts and the separating lines in the different objects on the screen to better distinguish each section.

Reduce movement

Another feature that can make reading difficult are the app animations like the flickering of the heart under a tweet when someone has liked. You can activate Movement Reduction for this.


Although some operating systems allow you to configure this option for videos and GIFs natively, we can always choose from the accessibility menu if we want to have the option to autoplay on.

twitter accessibility menu

Font size, colors and background

Font size

To configure the font size on Twitter we have to do it in the Settings and privacy menu in the section Show. Here we can move the cursor to the left or right to choose between 6 default sizes.

It may happen that in some cases you see the slightly larger font size. It is not an error, when a tweet has many interactions (responses, likes, RT’s …) its font size is larger. This way it is easier to identify the best content.


Within the same menu we will choose between the six colors available: default blue (heart), yellow (star), pink (flower), purple (octopus), orange (fire), and green (avocado). It is important to note that this option is not available in the official Twitter application for mobile devices.

twitter colors menu

Background or Dark Mode

Leaving aside the personal tastes of each one, an increasingly common trend is to activate the dark mode 24 hours a day for two advantages: saving energy and reducing eyestrain.

From the computer

Twiter allows you (in the Show section of the Settings menu) to choose the color of the background. We can leave the light background (default) or choose between two types of dark backgrounds: Clear night (gray) or Dark night (black).

From the phone

In the mobile application you have to go to the Dark mode section within Screen and sound. Here you can choose to activate dark mode manually, use your own native configuration of the device and if we want a light or dark night.

clear mode clear night and dark night twitter

Other customization settings

Pin or unpin a tweet on the profile

Fixing a tweet is anchoring it at the beginning of your own Timeline so that everyone who accesses it will be the first thing they read. To do this you have to go to the tweet (within your timeline) that you want to set and click on the “…” in the upper right and press Pin on your profile. To “unset” it you have to open the same menu in the tweet itself and click on Unfix profile.

menu set tweet


Location is another field that you can edit from the Edit Profile menu. Write the text you want up to 30 characters or choose between the suggestions that it offers you as you type. It is important that you keep in mind that this information is public and can be seen by everyone.

Date of birth

In addition to entering your own date of birth, you can also determine who sees that information: everyone (public), only your followers, only the people you follow, the people you follow each other or no one (only you).

location and birthday on twitter


In the Settings and privacy menu you can go to Languages within the Accessibility, screen and languages ​​section. Here you can choose the app language and the languages ​​of the contents what do you want to see.

language menu on twitter

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