GG Trad and the best free online translation sites

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Online translation sites are numerous and mostly free. They meet an increasingly growing demand. These free translation tools can be used for your business. In computer science, the best books and documents are English. In this case, you have to use online translation sites. They will allow you to automatically translate your texts, messages. They are reliable, fast and easy to use.

The operation of an online translation site is simple. You must copy or write your text in the area to translate. Then choose the language in which you want to translate your text. Finally, the algorithm takes care of the translation. You thus have several translation languages ​​available. In particular, French to English and others.

GG Trad

free online translation site - google translate

GG Trad is the free online translation tool designed by the American company Google. It is the most famous translation site. This translation software even allows you to translate a web page. Besides, it also works with mobile apps. It is available as an application on smartphones. In addition, you also have the option of using it in a web version. The link is as follows: Google Translate. It immediately detects the language to enter. More than a hundred languages ​​are available, this is the main strength of this tool.

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Online translation sites


DeepL - translation tool

This free translation site was created on August 28, 2017. It was launched by the Linguee team. Already in 2018, it had more than 20 million users. Its popularity is growing more and more. However, there is still a serious alternative to Google Translate. Despite its performance, this translation tool only translates in 11 languages. The address of the DeepL site is: DeepL

Reverso Translation

reverso free translation - translation tool

reverso Traduction is an efficient translation tool. It is available on android, iOS. You can also add it to your Gooogle Chrome browser. This tool gives you the possibility to translate an entire document. Reverso’s address is as follows: reverse


Systran - translation site

Systran is a powerful machine translation software. Several free translation sites use Systran software. It also offers several translation languages. To visit this free online translation site, please click here.

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Microsoft Translator

miscrosoft translator - bing translation

The giant Microsoft also has its free translation tool. Indeed, the Bing search engine also allows you to do translations in several languages. The address of this tool is as follows: Bing Translator

free online translation site is a free online translation site available for android and iOS. The apps gives you the option to translate text on images and share it. His address is : translate

WordReference translator

It is a tool for translating expressions and words for free. Its main advantage is that it offers contexts for using the translated word. It is very practical.

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In conclusion, These free online translation tools are very handy. You can use them for personal projects. However, for professional projects, I will advise contacting professional translators.