Get started with healthy habits the easy way with Fabulous: Motivate Me!

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The beginning of a new year is the moment chosen by millions of people in Spain to lead a healthier life. Doing more sports, eating better or quitting smoking are some habits or routines that many set as a goal. Complying with them is not always easy, especially since there are times when we have no motivation. In these cases we can use applications such as Fabulous: Motivate me!

If you are trying to live a healthier life, Fabulous: Motivate me! it will be a good help. This application for Android is responsible for motivating you and thus helping you meet your goals to transform your way of life. Your step-by-step program will make this transition much smoother.

Change your habits in the simplest way

Fabulous Motivate me quiz

Leading healthier life habits is not easy, since it forces us to change the way we live. Creating a new routine that is healthier takes time, but with the help of Fabulous: Motivate Me! this process is more bearable. It will serve as motivation to change these habits and thus enjoy a healthier life.

In the application we can establish the desired objectives and then a follow-up begins. Its interface based on Material Design allows that when using the application it will be especially simple, since everything can be seen clearly. After answering the test that appears at the beginning of the app, you will be set some challenges, but you also have the possibility of creating new ones, by pressing the blue button with the ship and then selecting the category in question.

Fabulous Motivate me challenges

A calendar with the challenges will be displayed that we will fulfill little by little. The first few challenges are simple, but they serve as a first step to that healthier lifestyle. As the weeks go by and we continue to use Fabulous: Motivate me! On Android, the challenges will be more complex, but they will help us establish certain routines that are healthy (like drinking water when waking up).

Fabulous Motivate me exercises

Every day, Fabulous: Motivate me! will show us a notification to motivate us to meet the challenge that we have that day. They do it in a close way, which seeks to inspire you instead of giving an order. The fact that they start first with small, but simple habits, and make the challenges increasingly complex helps to catch a certain rhythm and that leading a healthier life is somewhat more bearable.

How to Download Fabulous: Motivate Me! on android

Fabulous: Motivate me! It is an application that we can download for free from the Play Store on our mobile. The application also has a paid version, which will give us access to all its functions without any limitation.

This subscription can be paid in two ways: monthly (14.99 euros per month) or with the annual plan (4.58 euros per month). In the app settings you can proceed to the payment to have access to the Premium version on your Android mobile.

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