Get free Team Rocket clothing

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And it is that, while in other cases we have prizes like incense, stardust or berries; This time we have the possibility of receiving an outfit that is also quite mythical in the Pokémon saga. I’m sure these Team Rocket clothes are going to sound like a lot to you, and it doesn’t exactly come from Pokémon GO. Nothing more and nothing less, these are the clothes of Jessie and James, the masters of disguise in Team Rocket.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

How to equip Team Rocket clothes for free

Niantic has made it known that we have new items available in the Pokémon Go clothing store for our avatar, it is about Jessie and James inspired clothing of Team Rocket. Confirmation of the arrival of new outfits from Jessie and James from Team Rocket to the in-game store is that these are the new outfits that Niantic defines as ‘adventure’ free.

To get these outfits, you do not have to do anything special, since it is automatically available in inventory of the avatar, without having to go to the store. Niantic has already unlocked Team Rocket clothing before, but once again, let’s explain how we can equip these clothing for the avatar:

  1. Once Pokémon GO is open, we look at the main screen, where our avatar is located on the map.pokémon go avatar
  2. Click on the avatar icon, located in the lower left.
  3. When the menu is displayed, we will click on the button “Personalize”.customize avatar pokémon go
  4. We enter the editor to set the character’s outfit, where we can equip Team Rocket clothes.
  5. We slide the lower bar with all the garments until we reach the section “Top”.team rocket pokémon go clothing
  6. Click and there we find the complete set, which we can select to click on “Save”.

How to find Jessie and James in Pokémon Go

Taking advantage of the presence of these mythical characters from the saga, if you want to fight against Jessie or James, you will have to look for a Meowth shaped balloon in the sky. Finding Jessie and James in Pokémon Go works the same as the rest of Team Rocket’s balloons, that is, you can find it up to four times in a day, although that would be close to the greatest of luck. Each Meowth balloon includes one encounter with Jessie and one with James, so that’s two Team Rocket encounters for the price of one.

jessie and james pokémon go

If you want to find them, we recommend that zoom in on the map of Pokémon Go to the maximum. This way you will get the best views of the sky and you can see your balloon moving more easily. If you see a shadow, look above you in-game because that Meowth balloon you are wanting is probably showing up.