Genshin Impact Multicolor Fortune: Event Details

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And it is that the developer insists that its players do not fall into monotony and that they continue to have fun with the new content they offer. These events stand out for proposing a series of missions or tasks to get prizes and rewards, which in this case was not going to be less.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

When is Multicolor Fortuna available?

The truth is we already have available this new event for Genshin Impact called Multicolor Fortune, which will remain until February 10 (February 13 to redeem the rewards). In this event, basically we must take pictures with a new camera of different objects and creatures, and depending on the day we will be asked for a different color.

multicolour fortune genshin impact ji tong

Basically what we should do is talk to Ji Tong in Liyue to give us a strange daguerreotype, a new camera that will help us overcome this event. Depending on the day of the challenge, we will be asked for a specific color under various shades and at the same time remove it from an object or a creature. Well, once you have visited Ji Tong and have the strange daguerreotype, you can take up to 10 photographs a day, but not just any type of object or creature will do.

What you should know about this Genshin Impact event

You must be attentive to the events page because it will tell you exactly what color the character is looking for and if you should do it to an object or to some creature. The first day we were order a red collector, which can perfectly be an apple, and on the second day we are asked for a blue creature.

So, for example, you can go for the Jueyun chiles and take a picture, but realize that you can only take a photograph of the same object or creature. When you take a picture you will receive a random tone and of course the idea is that we collect each of the tones until we have all five and can get our long-awaited reward. You can have a maximum of 50 photos without collecting. When you are over 50, the oldest photos will disappear. At the end of the event, all photos will disappear.

multicolour fortune genshin impact photos

We must recognize that it is a routine and somewhat slow process, but there are ways to speed it up. For this, you can exchange photos with friends that you have connected, and in this way to be able to achieve the five tones required to overcome the challenges every day. Find the Trade menu in the event interface. On the Gift Photo tab, tap on your friend’s icon and you will gift him the photo. In the Receive tab you can collect the photos that your friends give you.