Genshin Impact: How to Find Sauteed Qingce

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Table of Contents

This dish is called the Qingce Sauteed (3 stars), and you probably don’t know how to make it in your saved recipes. Then we tell you where to discover the secret of this delicacy of gastronomy so that you can continue progressing in this great event that they have prepared in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What is Qingce Sauteed in Genshin Impact?

This is a necessary type of food that we can perfectly get in this game, so we must focus on completing a mission that is named ‘What the heavens hide’. Thus, knowing how to find Sauteed Qingce can become complex for some, although with some help everything can flow more quickly and easily.

quingce stir fry genshin impact recipe

Finding Quingce Sauteed in Genshin Impact is different than cooking it, as they are totally different processes in the game. Regarding the second term, it is a fairly complex dish to cook, since it is 3 star as we have already commented. Remember that the stars of a dish determine the number of times it must be cooked to achieve culinary mastery. This is only achieved if the dish has been cooked to perfection several times. When you get culinary mastery that same dish can be cooked automatically the rest of the times, which in this case are 15.

How to find Qingce Stir Fry?

This is a recipe that makes us go where the Ms. Bai In the city of Quingce, it is an NPC with whom it will be necessary to speak and proceed to ask him specifically, what do you sell here? Now, we open your inventory bag, we go to the last tab where the recipes are displayed, we select Qingce Sautéed and then we click on «Use” to learn it.

get quingce stir fry genshin impact

Fortunately for us, he has a ready-made recipe that is at our disposal, only to buy it from us. it will cost 5,000 in arrears, so before arriving here it is necessary to get it and bring it with us to buy it. In this way, once obtained we go in search of a pot to cook this recipe for which we require:

  • 1 Cabbage.
  • 1 Chile Jueyun
  • 3 Mushrooms
  • 2 lotus heads.

quingce stir fry genshin impact location

Some may not have the lotus heads, so it will be necessary to choose to cultivate it and this makes us have to go to lakes or rivers in Liyue, since these lotus heads can be achieved by floating. We can locate them and take them to be able to complete this interesting recipe that we have bought, now, with the complete ingredients and the dish properly prepared, it is time to deliver it to the Uncle Gao, then proceed to talk with Mona so that this allows us to locate a large meteorite on the beach and thereby complete the task in a way that allows us to get these rewards:

  • 60 primogems
  • 30,000 arrears.
  • 1 brittle resin.