Genshin Impact: How to Create Elemental Combinations

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Table of Contents

We are going to see in a more profound way what these combinations bring us. Surely players who have been playing for some time will have realized that there are certain elements that prevail in the character’s abilities, but that they can also be combined.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What are elemental combinations and how do they work

In the fighting of Genshin Impact the 7 elemental powers they have a very important presence. Each character masters a type of element and we can combine several so as to result very useful reactions and combos to defeat enemies. One way to take advantage of the powers of the characters is to combine their elements during combat to create altered states on enemies.

elemental combinations genshin impact

We already see that one of the pillars in Genshin Impact is the combinatorial game. Not only playing with friends, but it also unfolds in the individual story. For this reason, it is very important to change from one character to another in combat, so we can alternate between their abilities and create the already known elemental reactions.

genshin impact elemental combinations example

The side effects of these reactions are nothing more than the combination created by putting elements together of different types and their affinities. The theory is fine, but what are these elementary reactions? To take an example, if we put an enemy in the water and electrify it, that is an elemental reaction. Like this, many more can be done in Genshin Impact, even up to three combo attacks.

All elemental combinations in Genshin Impact

As we say, there are numerous combinations to perform in the game. There is slang In the world of Genshin Impact that we must clarify before knowing how to make the elemental combinations, which are related to the 7 elements that the story contains:

  • Anemo: Wind
  • Cryo: Ice
  • Dendro: Nature
  • Electro: Lightning
  • Geo: Earth
  • Hydro: Water
  • Pyro: Fire

genshin impact elemental reactions

Basically, it’s about combine two or more elemental attacks to achieve a different and very powerful result. For this we can help ourselves from our friends, when playing in multiplayer mode, or be agile and perform combined attacks by changing characters among the four that we have available on our team:

  • Mud = Geo + Hydro – Slows enemy movement and attack speed.
  • Crystallize = Geo + Cryo, Electro, Hydro or Pyro – Grants a crystal shield.
  • Melt = Cryo + Pyro – Deals bonus damage.
  • Shatter = Geo + Cryo – Increases the chances of making a critical attack.
  • Electrocharged = Electro + Hydro – Deals prolonged electrical damage.
  • Thorn = Geo + Dendro – Inflicts bleeding on enemies and leaves sharp traps that deal damage.
  • Dust = Geo + Anemo – Hit the enemies.
  • Burn = Dendro + Pyro – Deals Pyro damage over time.
  • Overload = Electro + Pyro – Starts the AoE Pyro attack.
  • Superconductor = Cryo + Electro- Initiates the Cryo AoE attack and reduces the enemy’s physical resistance by 50%.
  • Whirlwind= Anemo + Cryo, Electro, Hydro or Pyro – Deals bonus elemental damage and causes spread.
  • Vaporize = Hydro + Pyro – Deals bonus damage.
  • Poison = Dendro + Hydro – Starts the AoE poison attack.
  • Blizzard = Cryo + Anemo – Avoid enemy defenses.