GeForce NOW raises its price but if you were Founder you will continue paying the same

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Among the video game streaming services available in Spain, GeForce NOW is one of our favorites and the ideal option if the PC was your preferred gaming platform, as Nvidia has high-end computers on its servers prepared to play the games that we have already bought on our computer. The service will now raise its price, ending the previous subscription modality for new users.

GeForce NOW ends Founders subscription and price increases

Nvidia’s streaming service had until now two modes. On the one hand we have the free version, which is still present, which allows us to play in sessions of one hour with standard access (if there are no servers available, we will have to wait for an access queue) while for 5.49 per month we had priority access (skipping the queue), sessions of up to 6 hours (as many as we want) and access to technologies such as RTX and DLSS.

From now on, the subscription known as Founders disappears and from now on it will be called Priority. The advantages are the same but it costs 9.99 per month or 99.99 per year.This price applies only to new users, since if you paid for the reduced price Founders subscription you will be able to keep the previous price forever,

GeForce NOW raises its price but if you were Founder you will continue paying the same 1

GeForce NOW’s new pricing puts the service in a compromised position. Although it offers the experience of games with greater graphic power and the freedom to play the games you already had purchased on your computer, it continues to have shortcomings that make it more difficult to justify its price.

Its most direct rival would be Google Stadia, which by paying the same 9.99 euros per month offers 4K quality (in GeForce NOW you only have 4K using the Shield TV Pro) but also gives you a large volume of games that you can play while you are. subscribed. And between having a large catalog of games included in the subscription or having nothing, the balance weighs against Nvidia.

Despite everything, GeForce NOW remains positioned as the ideal streaming service to complement the gaming experience of more traditional PC gamers. And still having the free game mode is not so bad.

The GeForce NOW ticket increases in price but if you were a Founder, you will continue to pay the same. It appears first in The Free Android.