Gboard already allows you to use the emojis for Android 11

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Keyboard Gboard

At the beginning of June it became official beta Android 11where we find ourselves with a multitude of novelties. This beta can be downloaded already on a multitude of phones in Spain, that can have access this way to the new functions. As with each new version of the operating system, are introduced in addition to new emojis. A few emojis that come to Gboard.

Gboard, the keyboard of Google for Android phones, adds finally support for these emojis Android 11. So users who want will be able to use them in their devices. This is something possible in the new version of the application on the keyboard of Google.

Gboard supports emojis Android 11

Gboard already allows you to use the emojis for Android 11 1

This is something possible thanks to the release of Gboard. In this version, when you access the panel of the emojis, in addition to the usual that we already know, you can see the new emojis that come with Android 11, that are already available. Are you going to be able to use in your conversations with other people without any problem.

However, if you want to use these emojis, you’re not going to be able to use the search bar that there are in that section. For now are only available if you are looking for manually, by sliding between all the emojis. Surely this is something temporary, that will be corrected in subsequent versions of the application keyboard of Google, so that is a small inconvenience temporary in its use.

If you already have Android 11 in its beta installed on your phone, you can use this new version of Gboard in your phone. In the same we find support for these new emoji to be released officially in August, when it reaches the stable version. Their use can that is going to be somewhat limited for now, because if the person you are sending the message to does not have this version of the system, will not be able to see them properly.

To be able to use them, you need the beta of Gboard alsosomething that you can get by joining the beta program in the Play Store. You can also download the APK of this version of the keyboard of Google, available on APK Mirror.

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