Garmin’s new smartwatch is more extreme than ever: up to 2 months of battery life

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There are more and more brands of smart watches in Spain, with features for all tastes and budgets. Among all of them, Garmin continues to be one of the most prestigious in terms of sports measurement, with a wide catalog that ranges from very basic models to high-end models specialized in very specific areas.

The Garmin Enduro is the company’s latest watch, a watch designed for the most extreme athletes, with an ultra-resistant design, a battery capable of lasting two months, and advanced sports features.

The new Garmin watch boasts battery

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The new Garmin Enduro model is a watch that, above all, boasts resistance. Its main added value is a battery capable of lasting up to 65 days in normal use, being able to last up to 80 hours in GPS mode or 300 hours in maximum battery use mode.How is he able to get these figures?

Beyond its large size, this watch has a transflective display that does not require a backlight to be perfectly visible in sunlight and a solar charging system. This system is not capable of charging the battery faster than it discharges, but it does contribute to the gigantic longevity of its battery.

Garmin's new smartwatch is more extreme than ever: up to 2 months of battery life 1

This watch has a nylon strap (to my liking, the best type of strap for day to day and the one I use in my watches) as well as tracking for all kinds of outdoor sports activities. We have heart rate and pulse oximeter measurement, VO2Max estimation, sleep measurement and the Garmin Pay payment system.

The Garmin Enduro can be purchased on the Garmin website at a price not suitable for all audiences. The version with a steel bezel and gray color starts at 799 euros, while the titanium model in black reaches 899 euros.

Garmin Enduro on the Garmin official website.

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