Gardenscapes Android Game Review – Free Download Link

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Table of Contents

This development is not much of a mystery, since what you have to do is complete different puzzles which are the missions you have. These are the ones that allow you, once completed, to embark on the reform of some of the parts of the garden of the mansion that need an improvement. And there are many, we already announced it (and this, among other things, ensures that the hours of play are very numerous). By the way, the control of the interface is excellent, since the screen is used tactile and everything is perfectly accessible.

In what has to do with the graphics, it must be said that the creations in Gardenscapes are striking, but not axially existent in what has to do with the hardware. Therefore, it offers a more than correct balance when it comes to enjoying this development that works perfectly in devices with 3 GB of RAM. Besides, the stability is fantastic, since no matter how much it is left in the background, the advances that are achieved are not lost. A great job done.

You may be wondering about the dependency on the language of the game, and the truth is that it is quite high, since there is important reading text that has to be done constantly. And, here is good news, since Spanish translation exists and it is very successful. Therefore, there is no difficulty in understanding what to do in Gardenscapes.

Puzzles everywhere in Gardenscapes

The vast majority of those you will find are the ones that aims to match different objects to disappear from the screen. This is done comfortably and the degree of difficulty is adequate, as it grows without being excessive over time. They exist since enhancers even effects that help you like shovels that clear a square, but the really interesting thing is that there are certain variants at times that make it not tedious to play. An example of what we say is that you have to lower objects from top to bottom so that they are destroyed or that you have to to locate items that are hidden. Striking and differential variants with other titles.

Commissioned at Gardenscapes

Completing this makes you win coins or stars. The first ones are used to make purchases (be careful, there is an online store), also, that you can earn more you have to complete a puzzle that you have choked on. The latter make it possible to complete an action to improve the garden of the mansion, such as changing benches, sweeping the leaves and even building a fountain.

By the way, sometimes they appear completely different puzzles whose objectives are that you get more rewards that come in handy when things are very fair. These are simpler, but you have to pay due attention. If Gardenscapes catches your eye, we leave you the download links at Galaxy Store Y Play Store, where You do not have to pay anything to install it on your terminal And, this is an additional attraction that should always be kept in mind.