Gaming mobiles are great, but a gaming tablet would be better

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Asus ROG Phone II review

The mobile market in Spain is increasingly wide, and beyond cheap, mid-range and high-end mobile phones focused on premium features, we are increasingly seeing more specialized terminals in specific areas, being thegaming one of the fastest growing.

After all, a smartphone is much more than a telephone, for a long time since they have been true pocket computers, first-rate cameras, multimedia centers and portable game consoles. And with tablets we have seen a similar evolution.

Playing on mobile is exciting, but …

In the years that I have been writing for El Androide Libre, I have had the opportunity to test all kinds of devices, from the most conventional high-end to more atypical devices, but lately there is a sector that has caught my attention, such as the mobilegaming.

The Asus ROG Phone at a scandal price: don't miss this offer

The first approach I could have to one of these phones was the original Asus ROG Phone. Although at the performance level it had the same processor, memory and storage configuration as the high-end mobiles of its time, it was a mobile that showed us the sense that specializing in an area such as video games could bring.

The slim design was discarded, because a large battery mattered more, the weight was not as crucial as offering a cooling system that could maintain the performance of the processor in a sustained way, and not having the maximum front of screen stopped mattering when you were in front of such speakers. We also really liked having a horizontal charging port that does not disturb while we play (and that in the ROG 3 is even better) or the existence of a specialized accessory ecosystem.

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All this is great, but in the end the challenge facing gaming mobiles is that they compete against traditional smartphones without being cheaper than rival options. And I admit that I would be delighted with a gaming smartphone, but in the end having a worse camera, greater weight or absences like the Spen of the Galaxy Note make me deny this type of mobile.

But what if there were gaming tablets?

The commitments of a mobile gaming have less impact on a tablet

Gaming mobiles are great, but a gaming tablet would be better 1

For years I have enjoyed Android tablets, but when my Nexus 9 died I made the decision to go to the dark side with an iPad Air, a tablet that I later sold to buy the iPad Pro 2017 and that three years later is still irreplaceable in my day to day. day. It is true that during 2020 I have hardly used it to play games (with confinement, the PC has been my preference), but during 2017, 2018 and 2019 I have used it a lot for that purpose.

Any game that he could play on his mobile, if he could play it on the iPad, he ended up playing it on the iPad, and it is a device that is still pleasant to hold with two hands, like when you play on the mobile, but with a screen much older. But it is not only the comfort of playing on a tablet that makes me think that they have the potential to be devices that deserve to specialize in gaming:

  • Cameras:Not only is it ridiculous to take photos with a tablet, but with the exception of the iPad Pro, the section of most tablets is unfortunate. Not having good photography is no longer a disadvantage because it is the norm.
  • Less impact of the cooling system:Although the tablet grows in size, when using mobile processors the heat required to dissipate is exactly the same. The same cooling system of a gaming mobile has a lower percentage of impact on the total weight of the device, in addition to having a larger cooling chassis.
  • More space for drums and speakers:Being an independent device, it is no longer so crucial to carry a battery that makes you carry a quarter of a kilo in your pocket.
  • I don’t have to give up a mobile that I already like:As much as I love to play on my mobile, it does not have so much weight in my day to day as to give up a more elegant mobile. But if I would put the iPad aside for a gaming tablet.

Big Titles and a Promising Future Thanks to Streaming

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One of the drawbacks of tablets is often the lack of focus. The lack of specialized applications means that the majority of users use them to surf the Internet or consume multimedia content. The leading position in gaming tablets is held by the iPad, but currently it is a device that is not doing very well today.

For starters, iOS just lost Fortnite. It may be a temporary situation, but the truth is that it is an opportunity for those who want to make a tablet specialized in games. Samsung has taken advantage of it and updated its Galaxy Tab S7 to have the best Fortnite experience in its format.

Streaming is another area that Apple is fatally managing. The company has gone from banning them to accepting them with draconian conditions, which makes Android the best platform to play streaming. We have Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, Nvidia Geforce Now and we are not surprised that PlayStation Now hits the top with PlayStation 5 titles in the future.

What would be the best candidates to create a gaming tablet

Gaming mobiles are great, but a gaming tablet would be better 2

Asus:Both for the quality of its gaming mobiles and veteranity in the PC world sector,Republic of Gamers He has 14 years of experience in the video game sector and would be one of the best candidates to take risks with a tablet under the ROG brand.

Gaming mobiles are great, but a gaming tablet would be better 3

Nvidia:The current owner of ARM has already tried in the past to create a gaming tablet with the Nvidia Shield K1, but it did not end up convincing despite its excellent quality / price ratio. We have to consider that that was a different time, so it should not be an excuse for not trying again.

Nvidia has demonstrated capabilities with its Nvidia Shield TV, and given the company’s strong commitment to streaming, it would not hurt to expand its catalog of devices with a great integration of Geforce Now.

Gaming mobiles are great, but a gaming tablet would be better 4

OnePlus has never become a brand that is considered purely gaming, but within the standard manufacturers it is one of the most focused on the world of video games. At the performance level, OnePlus does not make concessions and already has a presence in esports thanks to its agreements with Fnatic.

The company is also in moments of expansion, testing with more models of mobiles, televisions and it is rumored that watches.

Pocophone F1

LITTLE BIT: Xiaomi’s low-cost brand was never considered as eithergaming, but both the F1 and the F2 Pro are devices with inordinate power, great battery and cooling at really low prices. They are not pretty devices, but in the end elegance was never part of this type of device.

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