Games, books, crafts, and websites for children to not be bored during confinement by coronavirus

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Games, books, crafts, and websites for children to not be bored during confinement by coronavirus

If for adults it is not easy to live confined in the home, despite that we understand how absolutely necessary that is, for the little ones of the house less. Don’t quite understand what is happening.

Boys and girls are accustomed to going to school, enjoying extracurricular activities, to spend the evenings in parks and gardens… that’s why, in a situation like this, are invaded by boredom. Need to burn all the energy they possess, renewable and infinite in most cases.

That is why during these days it is more important than ever to keep them entertained and occupied with games, crafts and entertainments several that allow them to cope in the best way possible to this necessary closure. Resources dedicated to them as we collect in this article.

Resources for children to better pass the quarantine

iCuadernos Blond
  • iCuadernos: The notebooks Rubio starred in the childhood of many a long time ago that came back renewed and converted into applications for the smallest of the house have a good time while they learn.
  • Zipy and Zape coloring: The heirs of the famous dibujente of Bruguera, José Escobar, have released a coloring book and learn a little English and French of the hand of the characters Zipy and Zape.
  • Cut-out of Metro de Madrid: The madrid underground publishes regularly in social media, cut-outs of their convoys, and, taking advantage of the confinement, has shared a new cut of his train model to 8,000.
  • Thinkrolls 2: This mobile application offers more than two hundreds of puzzles for children between 3 and 9 years with the purpose of improving the resolution of problems, memory and cognitive skills.
  • “I will kill virus for you.”: The creative and illustrator Lyona has posted on his Twitter profile a picture to colour in which reminds the children the importance of washing the hands to the time to kill the virus.
  • Little Smart Planet Pro: This educational app will throw a hand to the little ones of the house at the time of the review the subjects of English, mathematics, and language, all the elementary levels.
  • The dossier of Maeva Young: The imprint youth Maeva Young has released a comprehensive and entertaining dosiera for the young composed by many activities, games, and crafts.
  • Wash your hands with Elmo in English: Elmo, in English, explains to the children how to wash hands properly in this fantastic foil for coloring.
  • Homeschooling: this company is offering a whole month of free access to a full catalog composed by games that review math, language, English, or science.
  • Hands to the earth: Books of the Red Fox has uploaded the PDF of one of his last books full of activities for little ones.
  • Play with play dough: The kids and girls love the clay, but if we don’t have to hand, we can always creársela with a few ingredients that you may have for home; an activity in which we could also include them as helpers.
  • EduClan: From Spanish Television is put at the disposal of the little ones a wide catalog of content educatigos digital free with that not to lose the pace of the classes that have been interrupted.
  • Smile and Learn: this YouTube channel, created by teachers, children who start to be handled in English you are going to be able to learn from history, music or science, thanks to stories, songs, and stories that sure will keep you amused.
  • Desk: This application Santillana is a fantastic resource and fun thought for the kids to give a general overview to the course with activities that include drawing, handwriting, math problems and vocabulary of English.
  • “Everything will be fine”: Emerged in Italy and is starting to get to Spain, an initiative that intends to gather together adults and children to draw a arcoirís with a message of hope about the output of this health crisis.

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Games, books, crafts, and websites for children to not be bored during confinement by coronavirus

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