Gamers GLTool: an app that improves the graphics, FPS, performance and options of your games

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Gamers GLTool: an app that improves the graphics, FPS, performance and options of your games

One of the ways that they are democratizing, especially in phones powerful, it is the mode or game mode gaming. The manufacturers optimize the software so that users can enjoy the best gaming experience possible. The strategy makes sense considering the numbers that we find ourselves with deliveries heavy as ‘Call Of Duty Mobile’ or ‘PUBG Mobile’, with millions of players competing daily.

In case your mobile does not have a game mode or, in case of need and you will not convince your operation, we will teach you how to use a tool that power (and long) game experience in any Android. It is highly recommended if your mobile phone is a high-end and you want to take it to the maximum as if, by contrast, barely moves the games and want to improve the experience.

Gamers GLTool, a complete tool to take full advantage of the games

Game Tool

Gamers GL is a tool for add a game mode auto to your phone. At first glance we see the classic arguments of “improvements in CPU, GPU and RAM” that we so much sound and so little effective come to be at times, but we will soon see that the app meets point-by-point. In fact, it is striking that the creators of the app are outstanding that do not use false algorithms of “IA” or “things” that do not existbut try to take full advantage of the capabilities of the phone. Let’s see how they do it.

The app detects the GPU that we are using to apply the relevant settings. It is not necessary to root, and modifies everything it can within what is possible without rooting

When you open the app, the first thing you will do is analyze what processor and what GPU we have. On this basis, the functions can vary. In our case, we have used a processor from Qualcomm’s mid-range, with their corresponding GPU Adreno. From this panel we have access to the listing of apps (to choose in which we want to apply the game mode) and a mode for functions of the paid version, which we will cover later

With a side-scrolling gets you to the most important menu, the configuration of the game modes. Let’s go by parts, so we started with the ‘Game Turbo’. In this mode you can set various options.

Game Tool Options
  • Boost the CPU and GPU: activate all cores of the CPU, and eliminate those processes that are influencing the same, as well as those processes that require rendering of the GPU (in the case that it is possible to disable them). Useful in the case of a game to be so light that they do not become activate all of the cores.

  • Release of RAM: deleted apps in the background to free up RAM.

  • Monitoring the performance of the system: we notify you when any application or process of the phone interfere with the game performance that we have open.

Up to here, are the classic features of a game mode. So we go to the section ‘Game Tuner’, because here are settings that are not so common.

Game Tool Options Android
  • Resolution of the game: You can adjust the resolution of the game from 940×540 (qHD) up to 2560×1440 (WQHD). Very useful in case of mobile phones with high-resolution in case you want the system to move in 2K, but the games go down to Full HD or HD.
  • Graphics of the game: can we adjust how you rendered the images of the game. This is done by adjusting the shadows, textures and other game. We can choose high resolution textures, softer, HDR, etc
  • Adjustment of FPS: We can adjust the frame rate to the maximum. This will allow you to play at 60 FPS on those phones, by the processor, with the adjustment limited the game to 30 FPS.
  • Filters game: color filters applied over the game itself. Act as outfits for the game. We can choose movie mode, realistic, live, etc
  • Shadow of the game: allows you to add shadows for additional supported games.
  • MSAA: Multisample anti-aliasing. This is a technique of spatial smoothing to improve the quality of the image.

At this point, the application proves to be fairly complete. You have to take into account that if we force the FPS, shading, and others, the mobile phone may suffer more from the account if it is a mid-range. However, you can always go testing configurations until you find the most optimal.


This is all what can be done with the free version. In the case that you want the Pro version, there are also interesting options.

  • Improvement of the Ping by changing DNS: allows you to change the DNS server from the app to try to improve the ping.
  • Test ping: we can do tests from the application with a different DNS to find the one that has the lowest ping.
  • Mode zero-lag: automatically adjust the settings of the game for which the primary objective is to reduce the lag.
  • Graphics of ‘potato’: if your mobile phone is a potato (a low-end that you drag, speaking in silver), applies a specific setting for that, even so, you can move the games.

Taking into account that the price of the Pro version is 0,99 €we recommend with eyes closed your purchase because the simple fact of being able to check the Table quickly from the app itself is pretty useful when played to deliveries online.

Gamers GLTool Free with Game Turbo & Game Tuner

Gamers GLTool Free with Game Turbo & Game Tuner

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Gamers GLTool: an app that improves the graphics, FPS, performance and options of your games

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Gamers GLTool: an app that improves the graphics, FPS, performance and options of your games 1

Gamers GLTool: an app that improves the graphics, FPS, performance and options of your games 2